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Dr. Andrew Gallimore, PhD is chemist, pharmacologist, and computational neurobiologist at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan. He’s one of the world’s knowledgeable researchers on the topic of DMT, the brain, and the nature of consciousness.

He’s been making waves with a paper he and Dr. Rick Strassman recently published in Frontiers in Psychology called “A Model for the Application of Target-Controlled Intravenous Infusion for a Prolonged Immersive DMT Psychedelic Experience.” The paper is essentially a proof of concept of how DMT could be administered using methods from anesthesiology to prolong the DMT experience for up to hours (or even days).

He’s also known for a paper titled Building Alien Worlds in the Journal of Scientific Exploration exploring how under DMT, the connectivity patterns in various systems in the brain alter, allowing it to possibly perceive information from higher dimensions of reality. Could this be the reason there are so many accounts of contact with alien beings from advanced civilizations under DMT? Although this topic is purely speculative given what we currently know about the brain & consciousness, it makes for a fascinating conversation.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How your brain perceives and constructs the subjective reality that you experience
  • Why your brain filters out most data in reality
  • How perceived reality in a dream state is just as real as perceived reality in a waking state
  • Why the connectivity patterns in various systems of the brain possibly alters under DMT, allowing it to perceive data from higher dimensions of reality
  • The peculiarity of DMT users meeting similar alien beings, structures, and environments
  • Why the brain has evolved to perceive higher dimensions of reality under DMT
  • Why many people feel a sense of familiarity in the DMT world, as if they’ve already been there before
  • Why the DMT experience is so profoundly different from any other psychedelic
  • Common intelligent beings many users meet during the DMT experience
  • Common messages and themes these alien beings communicate to DMT users
  • Do we live in a simulated reality? Is DMT a tool creators of this simulation left for users to meet them?
  • An explanation of Andrew’s recent paper introducing borrowing methods from anesthesiology to administer DMT intravenously, prolonging the experience for hours instead of few brief minutes

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