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In this episode of Warrior Radio, I sit down with Andrew Holecek who is an author, teacher, and leading expert on lucid dreaming, dream yoga, and meditation. For the past three decades, he’s studied Tibetan Buddhism, which has a long history of harnessing dreams and dreamless sleep to enter deep, mystical states of awareness.

Andrew Holacek has become a master in this practice and has created online courses, written a number of books, and leads various workshops around the world on lucid dreaming and dream yoga.  

What You’ll Learn:

  • Andrew’s first experiences with lucid dreaming decades ago which became a transformative event and altered the trajectory of his life.
  • Why lucid dreaming is the natural dream state, and how we are trained at an early age to deviate from this ability.
  • Why lucid dreaming brings an increased awareness to every aspect of your life outside of the dream state.
  • How you can maintain awareness in dreamless sleep with the practice of sleep yoga.
  • How Dream Yoga gives you access to the unconscious material of your mind, allowing you to make dramatic shifts in your life.
  • Why the meditations you perform in the dream state are up to 9x more effective and transformative than the same practice engaged in the waking state.
  • The 9 stages of Dream Yoga practice
  • The mystical experiences Sleep Yoga can bring into your life when you’ve had enough practice with this technique.
  • Why a Sleep Yoga experience can be as transformative and shape shifting as a near death experience.
  • How Dream Yoga has helped the terminally ill cope with death.
  • How to lucid dream and why the ability to lucid dream is the first step towards practicing Dream Yoga
  • Technology that can help to lucid dream

Mentioned In Episode:

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