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Over the past few years the meditation app industry has exploded, with thousands of apps developed on both the iOS and Android stores. Sitting on top of the charts is Insight Timer, which currently has over 2.8 million users around the world (including myself), and tens of thousands of new users daily.

I sat down with the CEO of Insight Timer, Christopher Plowman, who has a fascinating perspective about the state of meditation in today’s digital age. I picked his brain on:

  • How certain meditation apps are consciously engineered to be addictive as possible
  • How many companies in the industry behave far differently than they’ve branded themselves online
  • Lesser known, but amazing meditation teachers that are popular on the Insight Timer
  • His favorite guided meditation session, meditation music, and preferences on the Insight Timer
  • How VR/AR could impact meditation applications in the future
  • And much, more

What You’ll Learn

  • The story behind Insight Timer and how it grew organically to over 3 million users
  • Insights gained (no pun intended) on the state of meditation around the world from their community’s usage metrics
  • The styles of meditation that are most popular on Insight Timer
  • Lesser known (but amazing) teachers that are growing in popularity on Insight Timer
  • How many meditation apps have been criticized for “gamifying” their apps, having a financial incentive to make their experience as addictive as possible
  • Why gaming can lead to shaming
  • Why user feedback stats on meditation apps drives people further away from the goal of meditation
  • How Christopher believes VR/AR will change meditation experiences in the future

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