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Dr. David Nichols is pharmacologist and medicinal chemist, who for over 30 years researched psychedelics at Purdue University College of Pharmacy. He also is the co-founder of the psychedelic research organization The Hefter Research Institute. He was the central chemist behind some of the most famous psychedelics studies over the past 30 years. He’s the man who created:

  • The DMT in Rick Strassman’s famous spirit molecule studies at the University of New Mexico
  • The MDMA for MAPS’ MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy studies
  • The Psilocybin for Dr. Roland Griffiths’ studies at John Hopkins University

He’s one of the most knowledgeable humans on the planet on the chemistry of psychedelics. One of the most interesting topics I picked his brain on was that of DMT, mysticism, and the pineal gland – topics that for hundreds of years are wrapped in misinformation, bogus assumptions, and myths. I wanted to get the truth from a real expert where DMT comes from, what its role is, and why it’s linked with such powerful, out of body experiences.

What You’ll Learn

  • How David got started in medicinal chemistry and pharmacology making mescaline analogs in the late sixties
  • The process David went through to make various psychoactive substances throughout his career
  • The story behind David’s involvement of Dr. Rick Strassman’s famous DMT studies in the nineties
  • What it was like working with the DEA while studying psychedelics
  • How David would use animals and animal tissue to test the activity of the psychoactive drugs he was creating
  • David’s explanation of what goes on in the brain during a mystical experience
  • Misconceptions behind DMT and the Pineal Gland
  • David’s view of devices such as the Ajna Light claiming to produce DMT in the body from light technology.
  • What type of unanswered questions are most interesting to David with the future of psychedelics research.

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