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Photo by Sofia Pomodoro

In this episode of Warrior Radio, I sit down with Glenn and Lee Perry of Samadhi Float Tanks, the creators of the very first commercial floatation tank.

In the late seventies, Glenn Perry attended a workshop lead by the famous neuroscientist and inventor of the flotation tank, John Lily.  After having such a transformative experience, Glenn knew he had to create a tank for himself.  Working alongside Lily he created the Samadhi, which would later spearhead the flotation tank industry over subsequent decades.

We discuss the story behind Samadhi, the role float tanks have played in Glenn and Lee’s own lives, and how flotation tanks can be used bring more contentment and presence into our own lives.

What You’ll Learn:

• How Glenn Perry conquered his shyness with his first experience a flotation tank.
• How Lee Perry conquered many deep rooted fears with the flotation tank.
• How Lee and Glenn coined the term “flotation tank”
• Their collaboration with the inventor of the flotation tank, John Lily
• How Samadhi gained their initial user base
• Why John Lily stressed “Though shall not program” before people used their tanks
• How expectations affect your float experience
• Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy
• How flotation tanks removes you from past/future thinking and places you into the present moment

Mentioned In Episode:

Center of the Cyclone by John C. Lilly M.D.

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