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james-hughesIn our latest episode of Warrior Radio, I sit down with Dr. James Hughes, the executive director of The Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET).  One of IEET’s projects is Cyborg Buddha, which explores the role neurotechnology will have on spirituality, happiness, and alternate states of mind.  

In this interview, I pick his brain on how technology can be used to engineer virtue – something all religions throughout time have stressed is the key to a good life.  We also get into technology allowing us to upload our minds computers, a possibility available sooner than most realize.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Hughe’s journey as a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka early in his life
  • The 6 key virtues one should look to develop to drastically improve the quality of one’s life
  • How brain stimulation machines could allow us to feel any emotion we want at the push of a button… And the ethical issues involved with this power
  • The little-known pitfall associated with constantly being 10/10 on the happiness scale
  • Developing pleasure versus meaning in one’s life
  • The surprising reason oxytocin can make you racist
  • How a person’s self-control is determined by chemistry
  • Why being too compassionate can be a bad thing
  • The possibility of uploading one’s mind to a computer: upsides, downsides, and strange scenarios
  • The ethical issues involved with technology that keeps James Hughes up at night

Mentioned In Episode:

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