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In this episode, I sit down with Judith Pennington of the Institute for The Awakened Mind.  Judith is one of the world’s foremost experts in neurofeedback based meditation.  She’s also an internationally published journalist, singer, and author – her books include a spiritual memoir, The Voice of the Soul, about inspired writing, personal healing, and the science of spirituality.  

Judith was the apprentice of Anna Wise, who before passing away in 2010, was the world’s leading authority on EEG-based meditation.  The tool they are most famous for using is the Mind Mirror, one of the best neurofeedback devices for meditation in the world.  In this interview I pick Judith’s brain on brainwaves, using EEG for personal growth, and a range of other fascinating topics about the mind.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • How to master your brainwaves for creativity, insight, and healing
  • The history behind one of the most famous neurofeedback devices for personal growth called the Mind Mirror
  • The mistake most people when trying to optimize their brainwave patterns
  • The fascinating brainwave patterns that all high performing individuals share (and how to experience this pattern for yourself)
  • Why theta brainwaves (4 – 8 Hz) are associated with healing, deep insight, and inner guidance
  • A simple exercise to increase alpha brain waves which will reduce stress, relieve pain and lead to deep states of relaxation
  • Why delta brainwaves are associated with intuition, psychic awareness, and the collective unconscious
  • How to use landmarks to reliably bring yourself back to peak performance mind states
  • The brainwave patterns of enlightened mind states
  • Gamma brainwaves (25 – 100 Hz) and how they are associated with transcendence, compassion, new brain growth, and creative insights

Mentioned In Episode:

EEG Profiles Mentioned:

Images from annawise.com

Sample EEG Reading from the Mind Mirror:

Beta Brain Waves (14 – 38 Hz):

Alpha Brain Waves (9-14 Hz):

Theta Brain Waves (4-8 Hz):

Delta Brain Waves (o.5 -4 Hz):

The Awakened Mind Brainwave Pattern

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