We’re obsessed with uncovering unconventional tools and resources to improve our lives and the world around us.  Living at the height of the information age, we realize there is a mountain of options available at our fingertips.  Most of these are ineffective, overpriced, or could even be detrimental towards your health.  

Every once and while we’ll stumble upon a special tool, tactic, or method that actually improves our lives for the better.  Below are all the amazing products and services we find ourselves using regularly.

Everything included in our list are things we’ve vetted, loved, and recommend to our closest friends and family.  So with that said, let’s crack open the Warrior toolbox and see what we have inside.

Spire Stone Breath Tracker

#1 For Tracking Mental / Emotional States

If the mind and body are connected, their junction occurs at the breath. The range of mental and emotional states you experience are intimately linked to specific styles of breathing. The Spire Stone is a wearable device that analyzes your respiratory rate, and identifies whether you’re in a state of calm, focus, or tension. The device notifies you in sudden changes, allowing you to slow down and reset your breath. For more information, read our full review here:

How To Monitor The Mind : Spire Breath Tracker Review

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Muse Brain-Sensing Headband

#1 For Measuring Brainwaves

The Muse headband is the best consumer grade device to gain accurate, realtime feedback of your brainwaves during meditation. When connected to the app on your phone, the Muse translates this data into sounds of wind. If your mind is calm, you’ll hear slow, quiet winds. If your mind is active you’ll hear the winds begin to rustle stronger. The Muse allows you to use this valuable feedback to enter deep states of meditation. For more information, read our full review here:

Can This Brain Sensing Device Be Your Meditation Assistant? Muse Headband Review

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ActivaDose II Starter Kit

#1 Brain Stimulation Device

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) is a safe, non-invasive tool for the mind proven to improve mood, enhance learning ability, and even aid in healing. tDCS sends gentle electrical currents to the scalp in order to stimulate (or inhibit) neural activity of specific parts of the brain. By ramping up (or turning down) areas of the brain responsible for specific functions, you’re able to enhance its ability to perform those functions – whether that be regulating your emotions, acquiring new sets of skills, or easing chronic pain. Activa Dose II is our preferred brain stimulation device.

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