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Stephen Gray is a teacher and writer on spiritual subjects and entheogenic plant medicines. He’s the author of Cannabis & Spirituality, a guidebook that delves into the benefits and challenges of using Cannabis in spiritual practice, which we spend the majority of this episode dissecting. Here’s Amazon’s description of his book:

Truly a medicine for body and soul, one of cannabis’s greatest gifts is its remarkable potential for spiritual healing and awakening. In this authoritative guide, editor Stephen Gray and 17 other influential voices of the modern cannabis movement explore the spiritual benefits of cannabis and offer guidance on how to interact with the intelligence of this plant ally, a companion and supporter of humanity for millennia. Exploring cannabis spirituality in practice, Gray’s chapters examine dosage, strains, and methods of intake; the use of cannabis to open the creative channels; how to conduct group ceremonies with cannabis; and cautions and counter-indications for cannabis use.

On a personal note, marijuana has been instrumental in my spiritual growth over the years (which I’ve outlined in this post). Cannabis has been an essential ally, helping me to grasp ancient concepts from Buddhism and Hinduism, leading me into profound mystical experiences, and helping heal many inner demons once ruling my life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Cannabis is typically left out of the psychedelic conversation for spiritual use
  • The history of Cannabis in spiritual settings throughout various of cultures in history
  • The importance of setting an intention before a Cannabis session
  • Cannabis, heart rate, and energetic amplification
  • The best dosage and strains to use Cannabis in a spiritual setting
  • Why consuming Cannabis less often (and lower doses) is most powerful for spiritual work
  • Types of meditations and practices for Cannabis sessions
  • Visualization exercises for Cannabis sessions
  • How to use Cannabis to heal inner wounds and traumas
  • Combining Cannabis with other entheogens such as Psilocybin or Ayahuasca

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