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In this edition of Warrior Radio, I sit down with Tony Wright, author of Return to the Brain of Eden, which explores the negative effects brain lateralization (dominance of one hemisphere of the brain, specifically the left) has had on humanity.  

The genesis of this book began in the nineties after Tony had a powerful mystical experience after going 3 nights without sleep.  Over the subsequent years following, he dove deep into the world of sleep deprivation, eventually breaking the world record, having gone sleepless for over 266 continuous hours.

In this interview, we talk about his adventures in sleep deprivation, the negative effects of the brain’s left hemisphere dominance, and diet, techniques, and technology to counter this problem.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why a common mythology throughout history and culture is that of the fall of man (and the source of this typically pointing towards man deviating from the gods)
  • Why Tony believes the left hemisphere is a perceptually limited and cognitively impaired version of your right brain
  • How oddities like handedness, sleepwalking, and religious experiences are all clues to a dormant system within us that has higher levels of abilities than we realize
  • Sleep deprivation and it’s mysterious link to powerful mystical experiences
  • Tony’s adventures with sleep deprivation and the fascinating results of Manchester University’s study done with him tracking effects on his body after 7 sleepless days
  • The diet Tony attributes to allowing him to sustain sleep deprived states
  • Theories why the human brain expanded at a rapid rate for millions of years, and then roughly 200,000 years ago the growth abruptly ended
  • Diet, technology, and techniques to help counter brain lateralization (dominant activity in a single hemisphere of the brain) which affect the large majority of the population

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