Hack Your Mind With Virtual Reality

Waves.fm is a virtual reality application designed to tune your brainwaves to peak mental states.

Waves.fm is the first VR brainwave entrainment system that stimulates specific areas of the brain to:

Experience Powerful Meditations

Enhance Creativity

Increase Focus & Attention

Gain Bulletproof Health

Relax & Reduce Stress

Enjoy Deep, Restful Sleep

The Waves.fm Experience

Waves.fm is a science-based, virtual reality experience, giving you a tuning dial over your mind. With a smartphone, our snap-in VR headset, and the Waves.fm app, you’ll step into magical, immersive environments engineered to sync you into peak mental states at will.

In the same way a tuning fork can sync a guitar string to the right pitch, Waves.fm does the same for the mind. After stepping into the Waves VR environment, you’ll be immersed in specialized audio video technology proven to sync your brain waves to target frequencies linked to focus, creativity, and deep states of meditation.

How is this possible? Keep reading below to learn about the science behind the Waves.fm technology.

How To Gain a Tuning Dial Over Your Mind

Here at Warrior.do, we’re huge proponents of audio brainwave entrainment to enhance the mind. If you’re unfamiliar with what this is, we’ll give you a brief rundown.

Entrainment is a physics principle in which one rhythmic system falls in synchrony with another rhythmic system. If you’ve ever found yourself moving your body to the beat of your favorite song, then you’ve experienced entrainment in a basic form. Besides music, this principle can be found all around you, probably more than you realize:

  • Birds in the sky coming together to fly in synchrony
  • Your body’s circadian rhythm synchronizing to the rise and fall of the sun.
  • The human heart beating at the same beat of a pacemaker.

The brain is made up of approximately 100 billion neurons, and trillions of connections between them. These neurons communicate through electrical rhythms, which are referred to as brainwaves. Just like any other rhythmic system, brain waves can be subject to entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment is a phenomenon in which a person’s brain waves begin to match the frequency of an external source, usually in the form of pulsing sound.

Why does this matter? Brainwave frequencies are linked to various mental states. For example, faster brainwave frequencies are associated with problem-solving, decision-making, and even stress or anxiety. Slower brainwave frequencies are associated with daydreaming, imagination, and deep relaxation.

By modifying your brainwaves through sound pulsing at target frequencies, you can have greater control over your mind. However, we’ve found a far greater tool than sound to accomplish this. Keep reading to find out what this mind hacking tool is.

How To Hack Your Brain With Sound and Light

Although pulsing sound is an excellent form of brainwave entrainment, flashing light is a far superior method.

The power of light has been used by various cultures throughout history to enter higher states of consciousness. From civilization’s earliest days, individuals such as medicine men, shamans, and philosophers learned to use the flickering of light to quiet their mind and enhance their mental powers.

In 200 A.D. ancient Greece, the famous mathematician Ptolemy found that when light passed the spokes of a spinning wheel, this caused feelings of euphoria, lightheadedness, and an assortment of shapes and colors in his field of vision.

Fast forward to today. Countless studies have shown how effective flashing light can be on our mood, cognitive performance, and sleep.

One of the main reasons this is true is the brain’s visual cortex is much larger than the auditory cortex. When the visual cortex is stimulated by certain light technology, it can affect a greater portion of surrounding brain regions.

Below you’ll learn about the Brainwave Entrainment Systems that deliver flashing light and sound to entrain the mind.

The Problem With Most Audio Visual Brainwave Entrainment Systems

There are a wide range of Audio Visual Brainwave Entrainment Systems on the market. They typically include specialized goggles containing lights in each lens, which will flash at a particular frequency. The goggles are connected to a console which allows you to set the light intensity, choose various sessions, and connect headphones that deliver pulsing audio in sync with the flashing lights.

These devices are incredibly effective, and deliver deep, tranquil states of meditation.

The huge drawback is their cost. Audio Visual Brainwave Entrainment Systems can be extremely expensive, ranging from several hundred dollars at the low end, all the way up to tens of thousands. The hefty price tag makes them inaccessible to everyday users. In addition to this, these machines can be bulky, and tricky to use and maintain. So they are often reserved for specialist wellness centers, rather than for everyday use at home.

Our Waves.fm app disrupts this old technology. It allows anyone with a smartphone to download our app, and access the same capabilities as a thousand dollar sound and light machine, making audio-visual entrainment technology accessible to everyone. Now all that’s needed is a VR headset.

Introducing Waves.fm. The World's First VR Entrainment System

We’ve created the world’s first virtual reality entrainment app called Waves.fm, delivering the same technology and experience as an Audio Visual Brainwave Entrainment System, but at a fraction of the cost.

Waves.fm is a neuroscience-based, virtual reality experience, that delivers flashing light and sound at target frequencies linked to relaxation, focus, and sleep.

With a smartphone, our snap-in VR headset, and the Waves.fm app, you’ll be up and running. Within moments of opening up the app, you’ll step inside immersive environments where every audio and visual element surrounding you is specifically engineered to tune your mind into a desired mental state.

Not only does Waves.fm deliver flashing lights and pulsing sound, but does so in a way that’s visually engaging. You’ll step inside the center of a kaleidoscope, where shapes and colors morph around you, flashing at specific frequencies linked to peak mental states.

Here are some of the science-backed benefits you’ll gain from Waves.fm:

Neuroscience-Backed Benefits

Alleviate Stress & Anxiety

Flickering lights which entrain the mind into alpha or theta brainwaves has shown to alleviate anxiety or acute stress (Ossebaard, 2000).

Improve Mood

A study found that audio-visual entrainment was effective for treating low mood such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (Berg & Siever, 2009).

Improve Mental Performance

A number of studies have also shown photic stimulation is also effective at helping improve academic performance (Budzynski, 1999).

Alleviate Physical Pain

Photic stimulation (in the alpha and theta range) have shown to reduce discomfort from both short and long-term pain (Boersma & Gagnon, 1992).

Greater Brain Coherence

Studies have shown that photic stimulation causes the visual centers of brain enter a state of synchronization in which both left and right hemispheres operate in unison (Budzynski, 2006).

Improve Focus

Audio visual entrainment has been shown effective in treating those who suffer from attention deficit disorder (Siever, 2008).

The Waves.fm VR app is compatible with most phones. Just to be sure your phone will work with the Waves.fm app, expand the list below to verify your phone is compatible.

Check if your phone is compatible with Waves.fm



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