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Once you’ve learned about the benefits of Kratom, verified its legality in your area, and outweighed any possible side effects, you may be ready to try it out for yourself. The next question you’ll ask is where to buy kratom?

There are hundreds of vendors both online and in physical stores throughout the world. The term “buy kratom” yields over half a million search results on Google alone. With so many choices in front of you, it can feel overwhelming to find a reputable, trustworthy vendor amidst such a crowded marketplace.

Firstly, you can purchase high-quality Kratom from our partner store Top Extracts, who source leaves from the highest grade Kratom farmers in Indonesia.

Outside of our store, there are still dozens of other excellent vendors that provide clean, potent Kratom powder. Down below we’ll discuss where you can find them, and what to look for when selecting a Kratom vendor.

Where to buy Kratom locally?

If you want to purchase Kratom from a brick and mortar business in your city or town, you have a few options:

Local Head Shops

The first option is at a local head shop. If you’re unfamiliar with what a head shop is, it’s a retail store that typically sells cannabis and tobacco-related products. This could include pipes, bongs, cigarette lighters, and weighing scales. More head shops around the world are selling Kratom as more people are starting to learn about the plant. Here’s a headshop in Chicago that sells Kratom powder and capsules:

Head shops tend to carry their Kratom as a secondary product, as their primary source of business is products related to cannabis or tobacco. Since this is the case, head shops have received a reputation from the Kratom community as having lower quality products compared to their online competitors.

Kratom / Kava Bars

One of the benefits Kratom users rave about is how sociable the herb makes them. So much so it can replace the need to have an alcoholic beverage during a party or other social event. Entrepreneurs started to catch onto this trend and began creating entire bars around Kratom and Kava (a root from South Pacific Islands that yield similar effects). For example at the House of Kava in Brooklyn New York, you can purchase a Kratom Tea for $5.00 by the cup.

Where to buy Kratom online?

Between purchasing Kratom online or locally, our advice would be to choose the latter. Online stores typically have more reviews from customers, allowing you to verify the quality of the Kratom vendor you choose.

As we’ve mentioned, we wholeheartedly recommend our partner store Top Extracts, as they’re Kratom nerds and gone through the painstaking effort to source the very best Kratom leaves throughout Indonesia. Head over to their site, and find a wide range of clean, potent, high-quality strains – from Bali Red, Kalimantan Green, or White Borneo.

Outside of our online store, there are still many more websites you can choose from. This thread on Reddit has an excellent list of reputable vendors you can choose from. Whoever you end going with, be sure to vet the website to make sure they are selling high-quality powder. There are hundreds of websites online selling Kratom powder – from the good, bad, and ugly. Down below you’ll find some general guidelines that will help you choose a quality Kratom store.

What to look for in a Kratom vendor?

Whether purchasing Kratom online or locally, do your due diligence and make sure the vendor you choose is trustworthy with high-quality powder. Low-quality vendors are known to sell Kratom that is both weak and likely to lead to negative side effects such as headaches or dizziness. On the flipside, professional, high-quality vendors source their product from experienced farmers who know how to grow and process clean, potent Kratom leading to minimal side effects. Here are a few things to look out for when choosing a Kratom vendor:

Money back guarantees

Any vendor worth their weight will confidently have a guarantee policy behind their Kratom. When a store has high-quality Kratom, they understand most of their customers will love their product. On the off chance someone has a bad experience, they’re happy to offer a refund. Companies that aren’t willing to do so typically hold back for a reason – whether low-quality Kratom or simply poor customer service. Either way, if the company you’re buying from doesn’t offer a money back guarantee, this should be a clear red flag.

Be cautious of unique blends and special strains

There are basic Kratom strains most vendors will sell – Reds, Whites, Greens, etc. In order to stand out, certain vendors will sell novel strains or blends claiming to have unique effects. In truth, most of these companies are simply slapping a different label over their standard strains. If a company is offering too many variations, this may be a warning sign that they are practicing dubious marketing tactics.

Fast Shipping 

If you end up purchasing Kratom online, a basic feature you should look is fast, reliable shipping. Nothing is worse than having run out of your favorite Kratom strain, only to wait weeks for your next shipment to arrive. Like any other reputable eCommerce website, your Kratom vendor should offer 2 or 3-day shipping at a reasonable price.


Estimates have shown that the Kratom industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise serving up to 5 million users in the United States alone. It’s a big business and because of this, there are many companies looking to get rich quick in this ever-growing marketplace. Certain vendors will quickly put together a website, find a local source, and start selling their product online with little to no knowledge or experience of Kratom.

High integrity vendors live and breathe Kratom and should have a wealth of knowledge they are ready to share with their customers. Look for a vendor that can answer any of your questions or concerns about their Kratom, and can walk you through the best type of strain for your particular needs. If a company can’t (or is unwilling) do this, this may be a red flag.

Follows FDA Guidelines 

The Kratom industry is like the wild west as there is very little regulation placed on the market. Kratom is considered a dietary supplement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and all companies selling Kratom must abide by its rules and regulations. This means not stating that the plant can diagnose, cure or even prevent particular diseases. Any company promising their Kratom can outright solve ailments like depression, insomnia, or severe pain is clearly overstepping the rules. Be cautious of any vendor making any of these claims.

 Discreet credit card billing 

Although Kratom is legal in most states in the United States, and most countries throughout the world, there are certain areas where Kratom is illegal. Since this is the case, some people feel funny buying Kratom online and having the transaction show on their credit card statement. Reputable Kratom vendors are aware of these concerns and offer discreet credit card billing for these instances. Instead of having “Kratom Inc” on the statement, certain companies will be more subtle such as “Ethnobotanicals Online.”

Offers Cryptocurrency Payments 

As we mentioned in the previous point, many Kratomites prefer to keep their consumption discreet. As is the case, some users prefer to purchase their Kratom online via cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Etherium. This allows them to maintain their privacy, and prevent any possible monitoring of by private institutions or the government. Most established Kratom vendors will offer payments with cryptocurrency, giving their users the desired anonymity when dealing with the plant.

Air-Tight Packaging 

By and large, Kratom is one of the most shelf stable herb you can purchase. However, one way the plant can lose its quality is through moisture, as this leads to mold. A sure-fire way to prevent this from occurring is through airtight packaging. Look for vendors who package their powder in vacuum sealed pouches, ensuring its quality stays intact. If a vendor sends their Kratom in a bag where air (or other particulates) can get in, this is a clear sign not to order from the company again.