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We explore alternative tools to upgrade the mind – from plant medicines giving 7 years worths of therapy in a single night, to brainwave technology to hack meditation, to ancient techniques to expand consciousness. Is this really possible?  Learn more on our blog.


Earthing: How To Tap Into The Healing Energy Of The Planet

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Up until my late twenties, I had a relatively superficial relationship with the outdoors. Sure I could enjoy views from a beautiful mountaintop, or bask in a pristine beach. But I’d certainly call BS hearing woo-woo new-agers talk about the healing properties of forest bathing,…

Was Jesus a Magic Mushroom? Exploring The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross by John Marco Allegro

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Qumran, Israel. A Bedouin shepherd boy tends to his goats on the banks of the Dead Sea (known today as the West Bank). On this warm winter’s day, the boy grabs a rock a throws it into a nearby cave. To his surprise, he hears…

How I’ve Managed Depression & Anxiety With tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation)

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A few years ago, I suffered a nasty concussion while surfing in Bali, Indonesia. What was supposed to be a week-long recovery period, slowly morphed into a six-month journey of healing. If you’re unfamiliar with traumatic brain injuries, it can come with a slew of…


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