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We explore alternative tools to upgrade the mind – from plant medicines giving 7 years worths of therapy in a single night, to brainwave technology to hack meditation, to ancient techniques to expand consciousness. Is this really possible?  Learn more on our blog.


5 Reasons Why Biofeedback Training Gives You Mental Superpowers

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Photo iofeedy Seam Less I recently watched a program on military dog trainers. The trainer explained how dogs have noses up to 1,000 times more sensitive than a human’s. He described a scenario of a dog walking into a kitchen with a pot of soup…

WR 037 : DMT, Machine Elves, and Traveling To Higher Dimensions of Reality – with Andrew Gallimore PhD

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Dr. Andrew Gallimore, PhD is chemist, pharmacologist, and computational neurobiologist at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan. He’s one of the world’s knowledgeable researchers on the topic of DMT, the brain, and the nature of consciousness. He’s been making waves with a…

Can Emerging Light Technology Produce a DMT Experience?

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I recently heard legendary psychonaut Dennis McKenna mention on the JRE podcast a powerful experience he had with a mind-tech device called the Ajna Light. He described his time under this light akin to a DMT experience filled with geometric shapes, an assortment of colors,…


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